Yennefer Cluster


Welcome! This is the Yennefer Cluster User's Manual. Find out more about the service.

What is Yennefer Cluster?

Yennefer Cluster is an ML environment deployment platform that supports high availability research system environments.
Eliminates the difficulty of limited resource utilization and integrated management and enables flexible resource utilization and efficient management and operation.

Yennefer Cluster feature

First, it maximizes Server Reliability
The central server controls and manages multiple Worker nodes to ensure that services are not interrupted in the event of a failure.
Second, it has Easy Data Sharing and Server Expansion.
Data sharing between notes is possible, and nodes can easily be expanded and used if additional capacity is required.
Finally, it also has Flexible Resource Utilization
Unlike Yennefer Labs, which traditionally used services within fixed resources, the cluster provides flexibility in allocating resources and enabling users to utilize resources efficiently.
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