Yennefer Labs

What's New

Check out the features added by version.

1. Improved GPU monitoring

  • The GPU resource usage graph within the dashboard has been improved. You can separate the GPU Utilization list and GPU usage to check them individually.

2. Sort and filter advanced

1) User List

  • A filter function for the user list has been added. Through filtering, you can reduce the hassle of scrolling the screen and intuitively check the information you want.

2) Project Management

  • In project management lists, you can use filter and sort functions to catalog. In addition, you can view storage usage by project.

3.Export to CSV

  • You can download resource usage within the last 3 months through Export to CSV.
  • The information provided is CPU + RAM, Storage and GPU + related project information.
  • You can receive "Hardware resource usage" in [Admin - Dashboard] and "Resource usage by project" in [Admin - Project Management].

4. Environmnet Reset

  • An environment reset is required in the following cases.
  1. 1.
    If the user's existing resources are changed by the administrator and the project must be used as a new resource
  2. 2.
    If you need to clean up the project installation environment and capacity
  • After resetting the environment, the previous contents are not restored, so you need to decide carefully.
  • If the user (owner)'s GPU permission is changed and the server is run before the administrator, the "Reset project environment" modal is displayed when the user activates the Studio project.
  • If the administrator handles the environment reset before the user (owner) of the project, the project can be run normally when the user activates the project.