Yennefer Labs


This is the home screen of Yennefer Studio.

Home top menu

  • Home : On the Home screen, you can check the current project status and create a new project. User support is also available at the bottom of the page.
  • Projects : You can check the list of My Projects and Shared Projects.

Create Project

  • If you click the 'New Project' button, you will be directed to the Create New Project screen.

Project Status

  • Total Projects : Total number of projects created
  • Active Projects : Number of active projects
  • Shared Projects : Number of invited projects

List of Recently Updated Projects

You can check your project cards in the order in which they were updated.
  • My Project : The Project that I Created
  • Shared Projects : Members invited to Projects

Project Card

  • The project card consists of Project Authority, Members, Created Date, and the Last Updated date for that project.
  • ​
    means that the project is active.
  • When you hover your mouse over the project card, you can view the preset of the selected environment and the resource information for the project.

User Support

You can check the user manual for the Yennefer Cluster and change user information in Account Management.