Yennefer Labs

User Management

This is the user management screen for Yennefer Admin.
User Management consists of a list of User List and Delete User It is possible to check the user’s information and manage permissions for each user, and it is possible to approve accounts and change settings.

User List

  • The user list consists of user search, user list, and user account creation.
  • User Search : You can search by username or email address.

2. User List

  • User information : You can check the user's name, email, joined date, and created date.
  • GPU Authority : You can manage the GPU authority per user, and select the desired GPU from the options to assign a GPU. (However, GPU privileges are applicable only to Admin and Creator privileges.)
  • Studio Authority : It consists of Admin / Viewer / Creator, and you can create and modify Studio projects according to the authority level. See User Permissions for details.
  • Activate your account : Admins can allow or block users from logging in through sign-up approval. The sign-up approval status of a newly registered user is set to “deactivate” by default, so the administrator must select the sign-up approval
    to log in normally.
  • Management :Management: The administrator can forcibly cancel the user's account or reset the password.
    If you click "Withdrawal" here, it will be temporarily deleted, not completely deleted, and you can check the status of the account by entering the user deletion page.

3. Authority based on user level

The following features are allowed by user authority.
For Viewer, you can only view Studio and Data Catalog.

4. Creating a User Account

Administrators can create user accounts.
  • click the “Create User Account” button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your username, and user email, and set Studio Authority. (*User names can be up to 15 characters, including spaces.)
  • In the case of an automatic password, it is automatically generated according to the password policy.
  • Click the “Create User Account” button to complete the user account creation.
  • In the user account creation completion window, you can check the new user, email address, Studio Authority, and automatically generated password.
  • The automatic password assigned at this time cannot be checked when the modal window is turned off, so please make sure to copy it and deliver it to the user. (You can change the password in the Administration of the User List page later.)

Delete User ( Restore/Delete)

Click “Delete User” in the user management menu on the right to switch to the corresponding page. In "Delete User", you can check the list of users who have been withdrawn.

1. User search

  • User search : You can search by user name or email address.
  • Request type : Refers to the type of request for user withdrawal processing and consists of all, forced withdrawal, and user request.
  • If you click
    , the applied filter contents will be initialized.

2. List of deleted users

  • You can check the deleted user name, email, request request date, authority, and request type.

3. Management

In Management, deleted user accounts can be restored or the account can be completely deleted.
  • Restore : When the “Restore” button is clicked, the corresponding user account is restored along with the restoration completion window. You can check the restored user account in the user list.
  • Delete : Clicking the “Delete” button completely deletes the account and the projects owned by that user.
    (Please note that it cannot be restored after deletion.)