Yennefer Labs


This is Yennefer Admin's Dashboard screen.


In the Dashboard, you can check the status of resource usage and server information. Here, admin user can check and manage the status of all projects.

1. Resource Information

서버 상태 및 자원 활용 현황
  • Server Status : You can check the server status and installed version.
  • You can visually check the usage for the total capacity of CPU , Memory, Storage, and GPU.
  • In the case of Storage, a warning notification is displayed when usage exceeds a certain level.

2. Resource Utilization

  • Resource Utilization allows you to check usage for each processing unit in real time.
  • If you hover your mouse over the graph, an information box about hourly usage is displayed.
  • When you drag a specific point in time to check, the resource usage graph is enlarged.

3. GPU Utilization List

  • You can check the list of GPUs being utilized for the created project.
  • It consists of GPU, Active Projects Quantity, Total Projects Quantity, GPU Usage, GPU (%), and Action.
  • If you select View Project List in Action, you can see a list of projects that are using the GPU.
  • Project information : You can check project-related information and owner information. If you click the "Project Shortcut" button, the project studio details screen will be displayed in a new tab.
  • Resource information : You can see the last updated date and the resource usage in % of the total.
  • Useage trend: You can check resource usage by hour.