Yennefer Labs


Release notes for each version of Yennefer Lab. We are working to make Yennefer better than yesterday.

Yennefer Labs s1.4.0 - 2022/12/29

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Admin) The GPU usage graph in the dashboard has been improved.
  • (Admin) The GPU Utilization list entry has been improved. You can easily and quickly check the status of each GPU.
  • (Admin) A filter function for the user list has been added.
  • (Admin) An environment reset function has been added to the project information page.
  • (Admin) Added resource usage csv file download function.
  • (Studio) Added environment reset function. When the GPU permission is changed, the project can proceed with the changed resource through the corresponding function.
  • (All) Multilingual support has been improved.

Yennefer Labs s1.3.2 - 2022/11/

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Admin) Added GPU utilization list function. You can now check the project status by GPU.
  • (Admin) Sorting and filtering of the project management list has been improved.
  • (Studio) The maximum number of card outputs in the recently updated list has been extended to 15.
  • (Studio) Sort and filter functions of the project list have been improved.
  • (Admin, Studio)The search function has been improved.
  • (All) Multilingual support has been improved.

Yennefer Labs s1.3.1 - 2022/10/07

[Feature Improvement]
  • (All) Multilingual support has been improved.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Studio) Fixed some errors when uploading project data

Yennefer Labs s1.3.0 - 2022/08/22

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Admin) Improved the GNB menu. You can experience a more advanced Admin than before.
  • (Admin) The dashboard layout was modified and the existing usage trend was changed to the resource utilization status.
  • (Admin) Improved user list table column and user account creation modal.
  • (Admin) Modified user deletion request type option.
  • (Admin) The detailed layout of project information has been improved.

Yennefer Labs s1.2.4 - 2022/07/14

[Feature Improvement]
  • Usability has been improved through system stabilization and advancement work.

Yennefer Labs s1.2.3 - 2022/06/

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Admin) Changed the list of projects at the bottom of the dashboard to check up to 20 posts per page.
  • (Admin) Changed to move to the "Project Information" screen when clicking the project name in the project list at the bottom of the dashboard.
  • (Admin)Changed to move to the project summary tab in Studio when clicking "Go to project" in the project list
  • (Studio) The number of file uploads has been limited. The maximum number of files that can be uploaded at one time is 1000, and if it exceeds, you must divide the files and upload them.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Studio) Resolved an error that could not be saved after modifying the existing file of the project created from the template
  • (Studio) Resolved an error where the project created from the template was not looked up in the “All” tab of the studio project list

Yennefer Labs s1.2.2 - 2022/06/08

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Studio) Improved the project template feature so that you can share the project you created with others.
  • (Studio) Added the ability to create a project by selecting the desired template from the list of project templates.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Studio) Resolving the error of not uploading project data
  • (Studio) Resolved an error where folder deletion results in the “File Browser” are not immediately reflected in the UI
  • (Studio) Maintain unity with Jupyterhub UI by changing the data root in the studio to /dataset => /prj_data
  • (Studio) Resolved an error where the “replace” modal was displayed when uploading the same folder after deleting a folder from Project Data
  • (Studio) Changed Spinner UI to display while downloading or uploading large files
  • (Studio) Fixed an error where file upload through drag & drop works in the “upload complete” modal
  • (Studio) Changed to keep tab information when refreshing project detail page
  • (Studio & Data Catalog) Fixed an error where you could click the delete button multiple times when deleting a project or dataset, etc.

Yennefer Labs s1.2.1 - 2022/05/11

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Studio) Improvements have been made to upload private data in the project data set “Project Data”.
  • (Data Catalog) When uploading files in Data Explorer, it has been improved to upload large/large files.
  • (Data Catalog) It has been improved to allow file upload to a specific directory and improved the stability of the function.
  • (Data Catalog) You can check the list of connected projects at a glance by adding the “Connect” function to the dataset detail page.
  • (Data Catalog) Be careful deleting datasets! If there are other projects connected to the dataset other than your own, you cannot delete them.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Studio) Resolved an error in which the displayed data set size and the actual data set size are displayed differently
  • (Data Catalog) Resolved an error in which the number of topics displayed and the number actually created are different when clicking a topic on the main screen

Yennefer Labs s1.1.3 - 2022/04/08

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Studio)When uploading files in Data Explorer, it has been improved so that even large files can be uploaded.
  • (Data Catalog) I changed the jupyter hub screen that came out in a tree structure when running the project. If you want a tree structure, you can check it by changing the last part of the URL address to “tree”.
  • (Admin) It is possible to create a project with root authority. When choosing a container, choose the “with_root” image.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Studio, Data Catalog) Resolved logo display error at the top right of the login screen
  • (Data Catalog) Resolving logo and title errors

Yennefer Labs s1.1.2 - 2022/03/25

[Feature Improvement]
  • (Studio)You can invite members not only by email but also by username in Invite members.
  • (Studio) A ‘Back’ button has been added to allow users to stop creating a project or move to the initial screen when creating a new project.
  • (Admin) Added the ability to control access rights by GPU unit so that administrators can manage users in more detail, and improved so that administrators can create user accounts themselves.
  • (Admin) Have you ever had trouble searching for users? When searching, it has been improved to search not only by email but also by username.
[Bug Fix]
  • (Data Catalog) Resolving Dataset CardView Topic Notation Error
  • (Data Catalog) Resolved a page error that occurs when an administrator deletes a dataset created by a general user
  • (Studio) Resolved an error where an unauthorized account could be registered in inviting collaborators (Studio) Dataset tab - Fixed a page error when clicking the dataset link
  • (Studio)Dataset tab - Resolve a page error that appears when you click the corresponding dataset link