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Yennefer는 여러분의 인공지능 여정에 함께합니다.

What is Yennefer Lab?

Yennefer Labs is an ML environment construction platform suitable for research/education sites. Eliminates the cost and difficulty of environment testing and management that occur during research/education processes, and provides a collaboration function to efficiently carry out team projects..

Reasons to use Yennefer Labs

First, building an easy and fast integrated data analysis environment
Provides an expert development environment (IDE) that includes libraries and frameworks required for data analysis with a few clicks without the need for separate program installation and configuration.Through the Yennefer Studio module, it is possible to develop, execute, and share through a WEB-based integrated data analysis environment, and to conduct collaborative team projects and research with colleagues.
Second, efficient infrastructure management
Various frameworks required for multi-user support, management, and development are integrated through container technology, and dynamic resource management and scheduling to increase the hourly utilization rate of expensive equipment can be implemented in various environments.
Third, flexible infrastructure configuration
Administrators can monitor and systematically support users by utilizing GUI management tools to efficiently utilize limited corporate resources for various users.

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